October in Bow Valley

October in Bow Valley The Bow Valley HOG Chapter had a busy month in October. As always, the Sunday brunches at Kane’s Harley Diner, which is followed by a ride, and Wednesday night stomps at Canada’s #1 honky-tonk, The Ranchman’s, were well attended. Some members originally had problems with Wednesday’s location but being a country boy myself, and owning horses since childhood, I had no such prejudices. I started out o­n horses, as a young child my Dad would put me o­n the back of his Quarter horse for day rides. I remember clinging to the back lip of his saddle praying I wouldn’t loose my grip and go flying off as ‘Pride’ cantered down the trails. After Grade 2, Dad got me my own horse, and for years to follow, ‘Nipper’ was my main companion during the long days of summer When the need for speed exceeded what my horse could offer, I moved up to mechanical horses. So for me, the transition from o­ne to the other was natural evolution. Happily, the two groups have blended very peacefully and the Chapter has even picked up a few new members along the way. Shawn, the bar manager, and the staff of stunningly beautiful cowgirls make every effort to show true western hospitality to all. As noticed o­n page 17 of the Oct. issue of Can Biker, pretty girls can sure look great in old cowboy hats. Free food and drink, as well as secure parking, has helped make Wednesday nights a popular gathering Fittingly, Cowboy (chapter director) and his wife Bev, hosted the fall BBQ. Over a hundred bikes showed and many members camped out o­n the acreage. In true biker style, some of us just partied ‘all night long’. Sunday saw lots of action during the bike rodeo and Bev even got most of the kids involved, with games like the ‘egg toss’ I thought I’d have a good chance to win the ‘slow race’ since I’m still riding a 1980 Honda Custom 900 to all the HOG events (why, you ask). My luck wasn’t with me, as I hit a slow speed wobble (believe it) and was beat by an old nemesis, Gerry. To rub it in, he also kicked my ass in the keg push final The same weekend saw some of the more responsible members volunteer for a highway cleanup and I heard they could have used a little more manpower. With limited help, they still managed to finish in time to catch most of the games. The next weekend saw the annual fall poker run have some of the best weather we’ve had in years. No rain, hail, or sub zero temperatures, just sunshine and a little wind. Being a Johnny come lately, I have over the years got in the habit of riding with Mick Cawthorn, the owner of Kane’s H-D. After everyone else has departed, we head out, and see how many we can pass. Even though Mick offered me a new H-D to ride for the day, I opted to stay with my trusty vintage jap bike. I like to let the naive tease me at the frequent stops, then blow by them with nary a wave in the 3 digit speeds. This usually shuts them up pretty good. October 18, saw many of us gather for the Calgary Stampeders final home game of the year. This is another long time tradition. Since bikes get free parking, it is advantageous to ride to the games and some of us have been known to ride in extreme weather, myself included. The theory is, if the players can hack 3 hours o­n the field, we should be able to ride to the field. Every game, someone cooks up their specialty for the tail-gate party, which often gets rocking so much that a few always seem to miss most of the game. JD Boyd

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